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February 21, 2008


Just how far will Google Maps go to help consumers find their way, watch satellitte images of roads, houses, living rooms? This short comedy named "The Vacationers" provides an interesting perspective.

Watch this and many more videos at the Marketingboss TV Channel. It is absolutely free.


70d5fdf907305cf349a72d7257ba7474.jpgGeek Squad is a hugely popular PC repair (etc) service. The company developed their own culture, which has been very successful. Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens shares the story at the London Marketing Society.

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Green is everywhere. But is green marketing here to stay? Also, find out the six sins of greenwashing and how you can avoid getting exploited by false environmental claims. Dave Michael Garg reveals the truth behind green marketing, including an up close look at General Motors (GM) and other car companies.

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February 19, 2008




Marketingboss TV recently featured a more than 1 hour long presentation given by Dr. Patric Dixon about future consumer trends. The presentations provides valuable insight to anyone into futurism, future marketing strategies, consumerism, lifestyle and consumer trends.

If you want to understand consumers and business buyers alike, you might like to know that Dr. Patric Dixon is a world authority on the subject.  

Well worth watching. Click here to watch

February 05, 2008

Video ad spending shows phenomenal growth


According to eMarketer the surge in online video growth is expected to slow in 2008 with a 74% growth (89% in 2007), and spending increase of USD 1,35 billion.

TV Watchers More Engaged If Viewing Online


Consumers who watch TV online are more engaged than those who watch programs on TV sets, according to a cross-media study by Simmons, part of Experian Research Services. Moreover, there’s a high correlation between media engagement and ad receptivity.

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February 03, 2008



According to Efficient Frontiers recent Search Engine Performance Report (USA), MSN produced best performance for advertisers attempting to reach a relevant audience on the MSN search engine. Unfortunately, while Google is very strong just about anywhere in the world covering more than 85% of the market place in Australia, UK and continental Europe, MSN adcenter is not operating in Australia and has a presence in only some European countries. But if you are targeting consumers in MSN's strong holds, on the surface advertising on MSN seems to be a better investment.

Google in fact seem to be #1 in most countries, whereas Google currently trails Yahoo in Japan, and is expected to face strong competition in China.

January 31, 2008

Marketingboss TV Channel launched for marketing professionals












Many marketing professionals are too busy to read all the articles they are interested in, but often tend to be able to spare 5-20 minutes watching and/or listening to a video containing education and/or inspiration about marketing.

So as a test I have launched Marketingboss TV. Initially you will find a number of videos covering numerous topics that might be relevant to any marketer.

Go visit the Marketingboss TV Channel here

The plan is to add 5-10 new videos each week, so do check back frequently , or even better, sign-up as a member - it is free of course.

January 12, 2008

Interesting tool for monitoring web marketing and web statistics, metrics















I came across this site, which allows you to compare websites and even research which sites are benefiting the most from keyword phrases of interest.

Visit the site

There are several site comparison offerings out there. Which one might be the most dependable? I do not know. However apart from basic site comparison functionality, Compete offer a new “Search Analytics” tool, which can help you understand which sites are drawing the most traffic from each keyword phrase and how important different phrases are to each site generating high quality traffic.














In the illustration you will see that the keyword “marketing” is attracting a lot of traffic to managementhelp.org. Interestingly the German portal Marketing-Boerse.de is placed at #12, and the google.de as #19 (why that is – I have no idea).

January 10, 2008

Best introduction wins a credit card control


The best introduction written and published in the Marketingboss Forum by January 31st. 2008, wins a credit card control in stainless steel designed and manufactured by Corpus Copenhagen.

All you have to do is to introduce yourself to the community.

Click here to go to the introduction forum

Click here to use the introduction template

January 06, 2008

eMarketer’s Ten Key Predictions for 2008


















A number of different (marketing) sources have published their 5, 8, 10 or even more key predictions for marketing in 2008. eMarketer's ten key predictions for 2008 addresses primarily online marketing. And here they are;

  • Online Ads Remain Resilient
  • Video Surge Slows
  • Social Network Advertising Hits $1.6 Billion
  • Networking Goes Beyond MySpace and Facebook
  • YouTube Decides the Election
  • Beijing Olympics Pumps Up Ad Spending
  • Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store Becomes Expected Feature
  • Movie Downloading Hits the Mainstream
  • Music Marketers Roll Out New Business Models
  • Dynamic Ads Heighten Gaming Revenue Potential

If you want to real the full story, you can find it at emarketers website:

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November 23, 2007

Word of Mouth Versus Traditional Marketing. Friend or Foe?


In this article by Graham Hill, he asks the key question; whether or not social marketing achieves a better return on resources than traditional marketing does. Read the article at Return on Behavior Magazine

Turning Customers Into Good Corporate Citizens


In this short article, Dr. Francis Buttle elaborates on what he calls the "customer citizenship behaviors". The article can be found at Return on Behavior Magazine published by TeleFaction.

November 21, 2007

Recommendations most trusted by internet users

According to a recent survey by eMarketer recommendations from customers is the most trusted type of advertising.

You can read the full article here

November 15, 2007

Creating and Feeding the Customer Management Strategy


Businesses stand to reap massive rewards by regularly reviewing the strategies that enable them to consistently create value for their customers.
This, by implication, requires employees to have a keen understanding of the actual and potential nature and value of existing and prospective customers.

Read Doug Leathers article here

November 13, 2007

Prerequisites for cross- and up-selling


In many companies the focus is about the tools rather than the means. Many companies are focusing on how to shorten the time the customer is on the line or using a lot of resources moving the customer to self-service systems, so that they forget that it is not about the call, but about the customer.This is behavior driven.

Pay agents to shorten queue times, they shorten queue times. Pay them to move customers to self-service systems; they move customers to self-service systems. And that so effectively, that the customer got forgotten in the process.

Read the full article at Return on Behavior Magazine

November 02, 2007

New online magazine about marketing

TeleFaction recently published their latest Return on Behavior Magazine in English.  With interesting articles covering modern marketing topics in the areas of customer experience, customer centricity, marketing, marketing management, dialogue marketing and much more.

Return on Behavior Magazine is recommendable. Read on.

July 04, 2007

Colin Shaw, customer experience marketing guru to conduct workshop at Customer 2.0 Experience Marketing Conference

How Customer Centric is you Organisation. That is the title of the workshop Colin Shaw will conduct on Friday 14th. September 2007 in Berlin.

Read more about this unique workshop at the conference website.

July 03, 2007

Make your customers happy, improve cross sales and reduce customer churn through Return on Behavior™

At the Customer 2.0 Experience Marketing Conference in Berlin, TeleFaction are conducting a workshop entitled Make your customers happy, improve cross sales and reduce customer churn through Return on Behavior.

More information about the conference> www.customer2o.com

May 25, 2007

Customer 2.0 Experience Marketing Conference in Berlin

Customaxi is organizing The International Customer 2.o Marketing Conference in Berlin. The conference will take place in September 2007.

Designed to benefit marketing managers, marketing directors, VP marketing, emarkerking managers, loyalty marketing managers, acqusition marketing managers and professionals working in the field of online and offline marketing, the conference is a customer experience, customer loyalty, and customer retention conference committed to linking present and emerging methodologies with successful marketing acquisition and loyalty marketing activities.

Visit the conference website and learn more

May 17, 2007

Can you use podcasts and video podcasts to inspire and educate the marketing staff?

A growing number of of firms have adopted podcasts and, more recently, video podcasts as a way to inform, inspire and educate audiences. But how do you foresee that you can use this media in the future as tools to educate and further the knowledge of yourself and your marketing team members?

Please submit your vote. Results will be published in a Marketingboss issue.

May 11, 2007

Will marketing automation technology finally take off?

I am furious. I mean; seriously!

Every single day my Google Gmail account receives loads of newsletters, promotional emails and offerings as well as invitations to seminars, webinars and surveys. And that is all fine because I have subscribed to receive the stuff at some point. 

But I cannot get over that the "one size fits" all approach is still the method of choice for the vast majority of email marketers. They do not even pretend to care about my needs, my interests, what is relevant to me, what makes me tick, what is likely to win my business.

If it wasn't for my professional interest in staying current, I would have opted-out a long time ago.

So these days I ask myself, when will marketers finally open their eyes and smell the coffee? Why do they not take a quick glance at the large selection of marketing automation vendors offering easy to use and relatively inexpensive tools enabling marketers to individualize the communication?  Why should they you ask?

Don't spam me until I die
Well it is indeed a very easy question to answer. Because if marketing accountability is important, it is evident that a individualized approach is many times more effective than the one size fits all approach. And what's more the side-effects are attractive too;

- an increase in the customer experience helps build, sustain and develop your reputation
- a good reputation supports your referral (word of mouth) mechanisms
- relevant communication is far more likely to decrease the permission opt-out rate
- relevant communication pr.definition increase the consumer interest in the messages the marketer is sending. Consumers will read and decide on your offering more frequently than they do with your current one size fits all approach

Email communication overload is indeed a problem for all marketers. While it is not the only problem, it is a big part of it.

Since this is a Furious Michael Article,  I have to keep it short and save the rest of that discussion for a future post.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to chat about the issues above: Michael Leander Nielsen, Customaxi

Banner advertisement not effective according to CMOs

In a recent survey conducted by Marketingboss, the vast majority of respondents found banner advertisement to be highly ineffective and a vast of money.

Read on here

May 05, 2007

Tivoli in May

Danny Kaye sang Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen. While I do not recall the name of the movie, I can guarantee that in the month of May it has been absolutely true. Carsten Franke, Coloplast, Christopher Plantener, Customaxi, and I, Michael Leander, had lunch in Tivoli on Saturday May 5th. Nice. Feel free to glance the pictures from the day and night by clicking below.

March 28, 2007

Oeresund Businss Club in Copenhagen

Oeresund Business Club hosted an event on March 27 at Cafe Selina in Copenhagen. The theme of the event was personal development and career planning.

The main speaker was coach Lau Laursen from Coach Key. Some 60 people from some 15 countries attended. I had the impression that quite a number of people managed to connect to relevant people.

Prizes at the event were sponsored by ParX, PassOn Media and Strongmind.

Enjoy some of the pictures by following the link below.